ATM Services

NuMind is currently recommending Hyosung Halo II ATMs to all of our customers. This is the top end ATM with chip reader compliance. We also offer Genmega and Triton options.


We will assign a technician specialist to meet you at your location when your ATM arrives. The technician will program the ATM and provide training. He will then bolt the ATM into the floor for security purposes.

Cash Loading

If you prefer your route be more of a passive investment, NuMind wil assign a cash loader from you area. The cash loader will not only do all service on your ATMs, but also fill your machines with cash on a regular basis.


NuMind offers a financing option for those who qualify. You will submit your basic information and within 24 hours we will let you know how much you qualify for. The loan works like a business line of credit. You only pay interest on what you use.